Improved infection control - ØRN Antimicrobial Privacy Curtains

Improved infection control  – ØRN Health Antimicrobial Privacy Curtains use a patented controlled-release technology to deliver a low concentration of silver ions to the fabric surfaces and intelligently activates it in the presence of bacteria. The silver ions use the following 6 ways to resist the growth of bacteria:

  1. Causing the protein in the microorganism to curdle.
  2. Destroying the activity of the microorganism synthetase
  3. Disturbing the synthesis of the DNA
  4. Destroying the electronic transmission system
  5. Destroying the respiratory system of the microorganism
  6. Destroying the material transport system


The Technology used on the Antimicrobial Disposable Privacy Curtains is non-leaching anti-microbial, so it will not leach out to the environment when disposed of.